Live an Elegant Life: Thank our weaknesses

Live an Elegant Life: Thank our weaknesses

What we tell ourselves all the time

Have you caught yourself saying the following things to yourself?

"I am not smart."
"I don't have money to do it."
"I can't do this."

"I am too old for this."
"I don't have those kind of skills."

"I am not as good as hers"......etc

I see myself doing that all the time either thinking I am not a good parent or a good business owner. 

Last week, I was attending a virtual conference. One of the speakers was Jenna Kutcher. She is a mom and a business coach.

She said we need to acknowledge our weaknesses and thank them. I think when we do that, we know that the weaknesses are not our obstacles. Our weaknesses allow us to see more possibilities in life. We will be better. We will be healthier. We will have courage. We will find more ways for making our future better.

Coin has two sides and so it's our life. We can choose a better life if we allow it and trust in ourselves.

I hope you will thank your weaknesses and make your life more elegant.

Happy Monday!

xoxo Grace

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