Live an Elegant Life: Ways to keep you sane in the summer

Live an Elegant Life: Ways to keep you sane in the summer

My favorite season is summer. I feel like I can relive my childhood with my kids.

No need to check their homework, no need to be the driver for their activities. No need to get up early.

I can be a fun and cool mom with less yelling.

However, it can be stressful when you feel like you don't have a down time.


Here are some tips to keep you sane in the summer.

  1. Make a list
    Instead of  scheduling them what to do each hour, make a simple list of fun activities, chores, and reading that they can do at home to earn a weekly ice cream treat. Assign the activities according to their age. That way, they do not need to call you 5000 times in an hour.

  2. Outdoor activity at least one  a week
    Check any free or low cost local activities that you and your kids can have fun, e.g. summer movie night hosted by the library or the county, or swimming at the rec center. Going out at least once a week will be good for you and your kids physically and mentally.

  3.  Set up a 30-60 mins TV time
    I know some of the parents might be against this one but I found that good shows can actually teach them social skills and help them academically. At the same time, you get some down time for a shower, a chance to read, or exercise.

  4. Do a yard sale
    It might sound like a lot of work but summer time is a great time to get your kids help you clear out all of the old clothes and toys. They can earn some money by helping you out. Win Win situation.

  5. Set  a strict bedtime
    I know kids will not want to go to bed when it is still bright outside. However, more sleep means less cranky kids. Try some black out curtains or set their reading time at night to calm them down before bed.

    If you have great ideas to keep you sane during summer time, comment below.

    Have a great summer! xoxo Grace


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