Live an Elegant Life: Be Present

Live an Elegant Life: Be Present

This week, we want to talk about BE PRESENT. What do you think the obstacle is for not being present?

Many people would say phone is the biggest obstacle to be present. I kind of disagree and also agree at the same time. I still have family in Hong Kong, so talking to them through the digital world help me "be present". I love seeing my 5-year-old niece showing me her new drawings and hearing my 3-year-old nephew say my name through our face time calls.

However, we sometimes let the phone take away our attention to those around physically. I don't need to give any examples. You know what I mean.

We know we can do better to be present and communicate better face to face, because time passes by fast, people change, and unexpected life events, etc. If we miss it, we miss it.

There are several ways to help us be present and connect. (Scroll down)

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