Live an Elegant Life: Dream Big

Live an Elegant Life: Dream Big


Let me tell you how we got a sailboat for free last year.

My husband worked from home since the beginning of last March.  He was not allowed to go into the office at all. He got a little more home time because he didn't need to travel 2 hours for work. He came across some youtube videos about sailboats, sailing in the ocean, and he seemed really feel like he would enjoy that. He hoped he would owe one someday. (Who has that kind of money floating around to get a sailboat? Definitely not us.)

He started to talk to me about it how wonderful to have a sailboat (I wasn't fully on the same page with him). Then he started to talk about it to his parents and his siblings.

One day, he got a phone call from his dad who was visiting his brother in other state.

My father in law told my husband that his uncle's friend had a sailboat that was owned by his son. It was parked in his driveway for many years and he wanted to get rid of it. His uncle wanted to know if my husband wanted it. WE WERE SHOCKED! Yes. Thank you! His uncle drove down the 1998 small sailboat to us. Now, we have a sailboat parking next to our house for us to fix it up, clean it up, and make memories.

If my husband didn't talk about his dream out loud, the word wouldn't reach his uncle.

The point of the story is if you have dreams about getting healthy, losing weights, paying off debt, or buying a house. DREAM IT BIG. Talk about it, write it down, tell your family and friends, study and learn how to do it, plan the steps, set the timeline, and ask for help.

If you can dream it, you can do it!

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