Live an Elegant Life: Love your own skin

Live an Elegant Life: Love your own skin

I couldn't believe it!

Couple years ago, I was talking to my American friends. We were talking about random things and somehow we talked about skin colors. This was the conversation.

Me: I wish I have lighter skin like you guys, lighter skin color. It's like a canvas. Looks so good even when you don't have make up on. Unlike me, yellow asian skin, looks dull and tired if I don't put make up at all.

One of my friends: What? Are you kidding me? I am so jealous of your yellow, tan skin. You look so healthy and young.

Me: What did you just say? You like my skin color?


You need to read this book. Her story is so inspiring. Long story short, she was getting tons of rejections because of how people judged by her look and size in the beauty industry, but what made her get the Big YES from QVC was by being authentic, knowing all women are beautiful, and showing her "flaw".

I believe it!

From that conversation to the reading the book, I learned that I should love myself more. I need to believe that I am beautiful inside and out. My "flaw" is actually a "beauty" and someone can see it. You need to start believing in yourself. Because YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.

Live Elegantly!
Grace | Twirl In Pink

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