Live an Elegant Life: Make doing laundry more enjoyable

Live an Elegant Life: Make doing laundry more enjoyable

Neverending task

Ever since spring sports started & my husband started to go back to the office, I feel like I am drowning with laundry. I feel like I am doing laundry everyday and they still tell me they can't find their socks, masks, or jerseys.

I used to love doing laundry because I love to touch and smell the softness of the clothes  and the fresh scent from the detergent.

So I thought I need to make it more enjoyable and feel accomplished, not defeated.

5 Ways to make doing laundry more enjoyable

  1.  Plan out a laundry day
    Set a day or two and time of the week just to do laundry, so you don't stress out almost everyday of the week.
  2. Sort it out first
    Get a good hamper with separate sections, instead of a big basket full of dirty clothes. Save your time sorting them before each load.
  3. Try a new scent
    I find it is more enjoyable when I try new things, just like trying new restaurants. New scent will create excitement.
  4. Do it with your kids
    I found that my kids are more willing to help out with laundry when I do with them. I even have a little game to see who can put their clothes away faster.
  5. Fold the clothes first right out of the dryer
    This is my favorite trick. I just fold them as I take them out one piece at a time.  When I put them all in the basket, it is more likely they will not get folded in a day or two. Plus they will not be too wrinkle.

Thank you for making your home a lovely place.

Happy Monday & Live Elegantly!

xoxo Grace

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