Live an Elegant Life: Serve

Live an Elegant Life: Serve

I can't believe that we only have 31 days left in 2020. It goes too fast despite of all the crazy things that have happened this year.

Every year our family has a tradition to count down to Christmas; however, I want to do something more meaningful with my kids this year. There are so many people that are less fortunate than us. We want them to feel loved during this holiday season.

Instead of taking out candy each day from the advent calendar, we give. We call it - Reverse Advent Calendar (Food drive edition). Each Day we will add an item that we want to donate and put it in a box. On Christmas Eve, we will take them all to a local food bank.

How does it sound to you? I am so excited to do it with my kids. Join our family to count down to Christmas and spread the holiday cheer.

Click here to get a Printable Food drive advent calendar. You can switch it up of the things you want donate and have fun!


I hope you have will have fun serving others and fill your family with love and kindness.

Happy last day of November!

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