How to untangle your necklaces

Here are some easy steps to untangle your beautiful necklaces.

5 things you need:

  1. Some lubricant like baby oil, olive oil, or baby powder.
  2. Small picking tools like toothpicks or needles
  3. A mixture of mild detergent and water
  4. A cloth or a paper towel
  5. Be patience

6 Easy Steps to Untangle Necklaces

  1. Clear your workspace. Find a hard and flat surface to work at with plenty of light while you untangle the knot.
  2. Unclasp the necklace. Undoing the clasp will separate the necklace strand, allowing the ends of the necklace to slide more easily through the knotted area.
  3. Spread out your necklace. Gentle spread out your necklace on your workspace, so you will identify the tangled sections.
  4. Add a lubricant to the knot.  Dab a couple drops of baby oil, olive oil, or sprinkle a bit of baby powder to loosen the knot.
  5. Pull apart the knot with needles. Use the tips of the two needles poke into the center of the knots. Gently pull the two needles away from each other to loosen the knot. The lubricant will make it easier to untangle with needles.
  6. Clean the necklace. Once your necklace has been untangled, you can remove oil or baby powder by dipping it into a mixture of mild detergent and water. Rinse off with clean water, and use a cloth or a paper towel to gently dry the necklace.